Mold Remediation in Washington State

F.S. and GS. Services, Inc., in business since 1988, has the training, and equipment to protect you and the environment from the hazards of all mold. We have state of the art equipment, advanced protocols, and fully qualified technicians trained through EPA certified specialist, ensuring that all legal, health, and safety requirements are met.
F.S. and GS. Services, Inc. has substantial experience in mold remediation ranging from small residential jobs to large scale public and commercial remediation. We have successfully completed projects in a variety of facilities, including, private, residential, commercial, schools, health-care, Federal and State Government.
It is particularly important to us to keep the safety and health of all involved our highest priority. We have the manpower and facilities to handle all mold demolition, removal and proper disposal of materials containing mold under the guidelines of OSHA, DOSH, and EPA regulations.
F.S. and GS. Services, Inc. offers prompt and professional Mold Remediation
Mold - Mold remediation in Puyallup, WA